Alannah Anglin

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Alannah Anglin of Journey School of Costa Rica


Hi! My name is Alannah Anglin. I chose this picture as my introduction picture because I believe  it describes me well! I have a passion for learning and experiencing new places and opportunities. This is me at La Cosecha Conference in New Mexico last year, where we mainly learned about dual language immersion. I love travelling and experiencing new cultures! I was born and raised in Costa Rica. I love this beautiful country! I believe that we are learners for life, if we choose to approach life in this way. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education, yet have taught and dedicated myself to doing volunteer work with students from various ages and stages(Kindergarten through High School). I am a strong believer in making sure that student needs are being met, therefore I try my best to incorporate various learning styles in my teaching approach. I am also a strong believer in making sure that students grow and develop as a whole, by integrating social- emotional learning and wellbeing with the academic developmental process. My teaching career led me to pursue a Masters degree in Educational Psychology at the University of Barcelona. During my time in Spain I also pursued a Postgraduate degree in Educational Leadership and Administration. When I am not teaching or learning more on how to do it better and wholeheartedly, I enjoy cooking, eating (I love food),  listening to music, going on weekend adventures with my family, taking walks on the beach and reading next to my cat Arthur. 

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